Thursday, December 25, 2014

7 months!

Hard to believe my little girl is 7 months old already! 

She's developing her little personality and she loves her baby food and because she's weighing in at only 13lbs. 14oz. and not tipping the scales yet at even 14 lbs. the doctor is having us supplement with formula after nursing her. 

Here is big brother being a big help by giving her a bottle. 
Although she doesn't really need the help, because she can hold the bottle by herself. 

She is a sweet pea. Here she is on Christmas Eve.
Wearing the same headband as for her 5 month photos. 
Her head has gotten bigger! 

She is just a few weeks from crawling! By the time she turns 8 months she will 
be for sure all over my house crawling! 

More Christmas photos to come - it was a fun 1st Christmas for her and she's so
blessed to have many people who love her so much! 


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