Monday, September 22, 2014

4 months old

Look who's growing! 

At 4 months: She can roll over both ways (front to back and back to front) - but only rolls over to her left, she loves to smile, she's starting to giggle. She loves her big brother, although mom and dad don't like it when he's in her face all the time. She's an 'assisted' sitter now, and if you are a mom, you know that means solid foods! She had her first taste of cereal this morning, given by daddy. She kept wanting more! 
Here she is, eating cereal for the first time! 

She loves to take cat naps - about half hour naps throughout the day. Which is fine with mommy, as I'm still lucky enough to be able to take her to work with me (for now). Not sure how much longer that will last, but the gals in the office enjoy her and miss her when she's not there (on my days off). 

Sometimes you just need a flower on your head! 
Oh those cheeks - and everyone loves her big eyes! 
She weighed 12 lbs 7oz - so she is now double her birth weight of 5 lbs. 9 oz! 
Still loves breast milk. Hubby fed her a little bit of formula once and then she was still hungry (because the formula wasn't very much, only like 2 oz. in a pre-made bottle) so I fed her some, and when she burped guess what came up? You guessed it, the formula. Weird, but true. Breast is best! 

Here are both my kids on the front porch one afternoon. 
Someday I'll even get them to both look at the camera at the same time! 

Just 3 months old here - so tiny. Taken after her surgery. 

Two months old, and super tiny- this was taken before her surgery. 

It's fun to see how she's growing - and in all my 'monthly' photos I'm keeping the same pillow and this time (her 4 month photo) she actually was trying to sit up. She hasn't got that down yet, but soon. She is rocking the lifting her head up thing and reaching for toys has now become a daily occurrence. She loves to talk and now that she has started, we are afraid we won't get her to be quite ever again! She's the sweetest baby, and she loves to suck on her hands and is usually attempting to get her whole hand in her mouth. 
She likes it when mommy wears her - there's a local baby wearing group I'm a part of that meets monthly. I recently bought a $50 table cloth and cut in half lengthwise. Am I crazy? Maybe a little bit, but she loves the sling that I have made out of it. Now I need to figure out what I want to do with the other half of the table cloth! 


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