Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pregnancy has worn me out! 

Here I am at 24 weeks, 34 weeks, 35 weeks with my friend Rachel
who has the same due date as me (June 4th!) and 36 weeks. 

Today I am 37 weeks... and baby girl is still breech. Unfortunately, they won't try flipping her because I'm borderline Preeclampsia (had that with my son).  
Scheduling for the C-Section is tomorrow,
so I guess I decide when baby's birthday will be then! 
It will probably be on a Monday, so hubby can be there (that's his day off).

I am dilated to less than one... but in baby time that is far from 10,
and I am having semi-regular contractions - depending on the day, time and what-not. 
They did put the baby on the monitor for 20 minutes or so in the doctors office today and
I got to hear/ feel her hiccup - it was cool.

So... baby girl is coming!
At least we still think it is a girl.

My shower is at my church this Sunday, we will have to see if she shows up before then- her big brother showed up the day his shower was supposed to take place! They then decided to have his baby shower on his original due date (he was 9 days early). But everyone played pass the baby,
but that's always a fun game!

All is well (as well as can be) in the world of this 9 month pregnant lady! 


  1. So excited for you! Hope all goes smoothly. I'll be praying for that :). Take care!