Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter E is for Elephant

Our letter of this week is Letter E, and I scoured the internet looking for other great mommy-blogs who have made letter E packs and activities for their kids. I just love 1+1+1=1, don't you?
But I couldn't find what I needed, or it all related to Easter, which is fine, but why do I always have to have my child study these letters when it's nowhere near Easter-time?
So I made my own.


Elephant 2
My son has to know how to write the letter 'e' because it's in his name. At the end, and granted he only knows the first 2 letters of his long name (it's 11 letters long), but we are getting there.

Our other object we are studying is 'eggs' for this week. I love the ideas that Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas has over on her blog to do with Easter eggs. Who says I can't pull them out to use them as a learning tool? Great ideas!

We played a game with the letters, matching them and finding the big letter and the small letter. Some of the eggs were the same colors and made it easy, but a few of them were mixed, which made it hard for him to figure out. I also made him find the letters on the ABC Chart. We took turns, but I was still able to help him learn the letters by helping me find mine on the chart. I put the eggs in an empty Tide Pods container and kept it with all of our homeschooling supplies and games. We'll play this game again!

Here's a photo of my son at a wedding we went to this weekend! He's so handsome!


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