Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tutorial for game holder

 My 4 year old son has a V-Tech Reader electronic device, partly because we aren't willing to pay the money for Nintendo GameBoy until he's older. I love the Reader because it's rugged- he's dropped it more than once and it hasn't broke- yet! The games run from $5.00 to $25.00- and they seem to be fading the Reader out because of the new tablet-like device. 
I hate the fact that I couldn't find a small bag or wallet in the stores with individualized pockets for the different games, so I made my own. 
Here's what you need: Glue Gun (I've had mine since my days when I was an Architecture Student)
Small Baby Wipes container 
Plastic Pill Bags (found in the pharmacy section of a major box retail store)

 Glue Gun
 Before the Glue
 The back of the plastic bags
 Close up of the plastic bags
 Empty out the games before using the hot glue gun
 The first bag I glued all around, but I quickly realized that melted the bag a little, so I decided to place the glue on the plastic wipes container after about 15 seconds cool down time, so it didn't melt the bag. I also only put the glue on the top of the bag, where the seal of the plastic bags are.
 Completed project with one game.
 Inside, completed project loaded with games. The bags are even big enough for 2 games each, just in case he gets more games for Christmas or for his Birthday!
Great idea, perfect for the trip we are going on soon! I don't think anybody will know what's really inside of here! Now, my son will have to practice opening it by himself. Hopefully his games won't get lost anymore! 


  1. What an idea! I forwarded your link to my daugher who has a Vtek. She found hers at a thrift store!

    God Bless!