Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Food Printable

For my first freebie, I'd like to offer you a free food printable. In our home we have a freezer in our basement that stores other food until we are ready to use it. Such as hamburger from the mother-in-laws cows, or bacon from her pigs (yummy!), we also visit the local bread store and buy bread cheaper than at the grocery store, and we freeze it. Sometimes hubby's work sends home a ham or turkey for the holidays. Thus the need of the freezer.

 Back of my basement door

With Bread missing

Bread on the front of my basement door

My problem came when we don't always remember to bring up the ever-important bread for sandwich making. Thus these cards are my solution. I've affixed them to the back of my basement door with sticky-tack,  so hubby or I can move one or two from the back of the door to the front of the door, so we can remember to go to the basement and get that item. This is only if we don't go right that minute or if hubby wants to tell me he wants pizza for dinner and I'm not awake yet.

These could also be used for your kids as a matching game of food that you might regularly serve at your table. Younger kids can match the pictures, and older kids would have to read the words and spell them too.  Each square is 3 x 3, so its easy for small hands, as well as manly hands to handle.

So here's the links, 2 pages to download- enjoy!



If you do download, please comment so I know you are getting good use out of them! 

Happy Eating and Happy Easter! 


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