Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday Was A Wacky Wednesday!

So... some milk went sour in the fridge and my hubby decided to give it to the cat. Sure, why not? So then he goes to work- while he is driving across town the cat is literally puking all over the carpet- I should have seen this coming- she has a very sensitive stomach and can't even handle dry food changes very well! Needless to say I called my husband and reminded him to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! in a nice tone, really, I did. In his defense he grew up on a farm and he said they could feed those farm cats anything and they'd be fine. Our cat, Josie, however is no farm cat, she might have been found in a cow pasture, but that's about as far as it goes! Some of this was hard for my stomach to allow me to clean up- but I really didn't have a choice because I didn't want my son stepping in it, which he did, on accident and someone was coming over in an hour!Later in the day, my son Christopher decides he needs to 'feed' the vacuum some of his milk. So yeah, there was milk all over the head of the vacuum- had to drain that out. He's go this whole 'Sharing food' thing down, I just wish he wouldn't share his food with inanimate objects (i.e. Rocking horse)!

Here my son is sharing his shades with his rocking horse!

So sometime between the first even and lunch time my son decided to get into my Arbonne products. This is a big NO NO in my house- he must have been looking for lotion or something, because I look over and one minute he's got the zippered pouch opened, and the next minute he's rubbing his hands together like he's got something on his hands! I go over there and sure
enough, he's untwisted (this is something I didn't think he could do yet) the RE9 Body Serum
and has it all over his hands, shirt and pants- even on his feet, where it is supposed to go
anyway, but he doesn't know that! I scream! I literally screamed! Keep in mind, when I scream, it scares my child. So I stopped screaming, and realized it is just "stuff" expensive "stuff" but still "stuff" and he's not hurt, and that's the most important thing. He was just ready for a nap. I took him upstairs to his bedroom and he laid down right away!

Oh yeah, needless to say the day ended with my husband almost overflowing our 50 gallon fish tank that's in our dining room. Good idea to get a hose for the fish tank that reaches the sink, but he wasn't ready for how fast the last 1/3 of the fish tank filled up!

Here is my son trying to convince my husband he needs to go swimming in the fish tank!

That was my Wacky Wednesday... here's a photo of my son just being cute!

The video of Christopher dancing to the music on from our XBOX360


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