Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weddings and Photography

So on September 5, 2009- this past weekend- my mother-in-law got married, again.
It's not every day that your mother-in-law gets married, and being that I have known her for 9 years, I have never known her to be married! She's been in and out of many relationships, but never engaged- until recently- and never married until this weekend.

She's not Shirley Howk anymore... she's Shirley Waite. I know it's weird, and it'll take some getting used to- but she and John have been seeing each other for almost 2 years! I guess when you know it's right- you just know! Don't they look happy? This photo was taken of them in the horse drawn carriage after a long ride from the farm to the reception at the church! So they are truly man and wife in this photo.

It's her story, but her husband, my husband's dad, died 10 years ago of a heart attack when he was just 50. It's been a rough road for her and her 3 kids, but they've all survived, and so will she- even happily ever after!

It was a beautiful day- as opposed to my wedding which was cold, cloudy and windy, or my sister-in-laws, which was pouring down rain! She said the only way that you can tell it's raining in her pictures from the wedding, which my husband took, is the ducks that are swimming in the puddles just feet from the picnic shelter!

My husband and I took the photos for my mother-in-laws wedding as well, I took the snapshots with our digital camera, and ran the video camera and the company that he's laid off from was nice enough to lend them their professional digital camera for the event! So out of those three options my mother-in-law will have gotten a pretty good mixture of photos of her second wedding!

The wedding was held at the family farm, where the two newlyweds will live when they return from their honeymoon. It was a good location with a corn field as a backdrop and people sitting on wooden benches made from concrete blocks and wooden boards.

Being out at the farm for a week prompts me to take advantage of the beautiful creation God has provided us. So I took some time to take some photos of what you might see if you were to visit the farm yourself sometime. We took a lot of flower photos... but I like this one. It just says to me, though there may be rough times we all have to go through- like death of a loved one, there will be new life at the end of all of that. John 10:10 tells us this "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." And so a new life is started- with a new marriage in this family!

100_9899 by you.
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